Matter of faith

My faith is the most valuable treasure I hold—so precious that I don’t see anything else I own amounting to it. But its rarity also makes it one of the hardest to keep, for the firmness that comes along with a strong faith can lead others to shame and hate you and your belief, but all you can do is love back.

The things I’d do to keep my faith ablaze;

I’d trade all that I have to set afoot

In paradise, at Father’s eyes I’ll gaze

Although for it, I’ll bathe in chaffing soot;

I wish I had not spent my days in fear

Of being shunned for truths I had to voice

For merely that the ways He wished to steer

Don’t drift with rosy courses of their choice;

My prayers are all I have to convalesce

Should for my stance my loved ones turn away

And think, for faults, I loved them any less;

If they see me absurd, I’d only say,

“Because to love is harder than to hate

But most fulfilling post my earthly fate”


Thanks for reading! What do you think? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. 🙂


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