The A-Z of Senior High School

This list is made after all that I’ve enjoyed, regretted, and learned at Grade 11.

A blog post in partial fulfillment of my requirements for my Empowerment Technologies class.

Because people, you have to finish all of your requirements if you want to graduate.

Connections are very helpful, whether with people or the internet.

Do your schoolwork right on the day you were told about it. No procrastinating. If a professor gave you homework two weeks before the deadline, it probably takes two and a half weeks to finish. Or three.  (Look at me. I’m writing right now at almost 3 am. Don’t be like me.)

Ethics must not be forgotten. Enough said.

Failure and mistakes happen, but don’t be an idiot to fall for the same one twice.

Grades are just numbers. What’s important is that you learn. But please strive to push them up, especially if you’re vying for a slot at university.

Health matters. You wouldn’t want to do a report on Relativity on Simultaneity, write a balance sheet, or defend your research paper when your body and mind feels like crap.

Independence. Don’t you want that? Then be responsible for yourself. It’s immature to always rely on someone else to help you with schoolwork. Or anything too much.

Join new circles and try new things as long as it makes you a better person.

Keep a balance between your life inside and outside school. Both are important.

Listen to (or take note of) literally everything your professor says if you don’t want to suffer. Every. Single. Word.

Miss a school day, and you’ll make up for quizzes or seatworks, catch up with new lessons, get lost during group works, and be shocked by tests that will happen or requirements that are due on the day you come back to school. (Note that they’re in plural form. And no, don’t hope your friends will remember all of them for you.)

Never do an all-nighter. This is senior high school. Save those energy drinks and cups of coffee for college.

Offer something good to the table. Every member has to contribute as much as possible in groupworks and cooperate, or else you’ll all regret it. Divided we stand, together we fall. (Nope? Okay.)

Preparing for tomorrow during every night spares you from so much trouble.

Questions are well entertained, but not the stupid ones.

Read in advance. It’s not just going the extra mile, it means you understand how hard the lessons could get and you want to take away even just a little burden off your mind.

Stealing is bullsh*t, whether by plagiarism, cheating on quizzes, or literal theft. It makes you look desperate and pathetic.

Think positive. At some point, you’d think you wouldn’t be able to fill half of your capstone project due tomorrow… until you did. You survived. (But cramming a research is like trying to kill yourself. It’s a bad idea, so stay away from that.)

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas. It doesn’t hurt to take a break every now and then. Relax, laugh around, and have fun.

Veer away from distractions and temptations. Senior high is too stressful for you to fool around and waste your time with vices or unnecessary drama.

Work fast but never settle for less.

Xenocentrism. I learned that in one of our classes last semester. I just had to put it there.

Your future is yours to create.

Zoom. Need I really say more? You’re old enough. Do what is right. Work hard, work smart, be kind, stay real, reach for your goals. Most of all, enjoy.


Thank you so much for reading this piece! I’d love to hear from you in the comments section. 😀

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