Hell Week Haikus

Overflowing zest
Brain, please keep up with the pace
The term’s almost done

I am underwhelmed
There is so much left to do
In so little time

Lots of energy
Eyes, desperate for good rest
Weak from head to toe

So not dumbfounded
Deadlines and deadlines tossed in
Which paperwork first?

Yes, pour more work please
Head, aching yet still labored
Ideas bled out

I am nearing, though
Towards finally breathing
Away from torment

Must stay positive
Heart, hold onto that picture
You will graduate


Thanks for reading my work! I’d appreciate your insight among the comments. 🙂

Photo from: http://www.al-barrera.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/The_House_of_Leaves_-_Burning_4.jpg


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