To be known, to leave a mark in this world, to be thanked for by generations and generations of strangers after you’re long gone, you have to contribute something relevant enough for society to help society. You must bring something new to the table.

I wonder what I would bring to the table.

They say dreams are not fulfilled without any sacrifice. The film La La Land taught me that. It scares me. These are the times when I don’t know which path to take. Or maybe I do, but I am doubting if it’s the right choice. Arts, business, both or none? Here or abroad? What will I gain? What will I lose?

Who will I lose?

Damn, that’s heartbreaking to ponder about. But I want to leave a huge legacy. I want to be down for the history books. I want to be a reminder to fellow Christians that faith, trust and obedience in Him pays off.

But then, I have been taught lately that it doesn’t matter. True, for a Christian, all worldly things will not matter. We will be judged in front of the gates solely on whether we loved Him truly or not.

It all feels vague or open-ended, like a cliffhanger or something just plain incoherent. The entire thought of it is too much to gather in a few paragraphs at the moment. But then, the answers are not for me to uncover.

At least not yet.


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